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A three-year, 120-credit full Bachelor of Arts in Teaching English as a Foreign Language


The world is shrinking and everyone is going international. Gain three business qualifications in the same four-year program, from the US, UK and Thailand.

M.Ed. in Digital Leading and Learning

This unique program prepares educators to lead their organizations in the ever-changing area of technology in the classroom.


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Siam Technology College’s International programs are designed and run by experts in their field with decades of experience. Our TESOL programs are based upon the core TESOL Certificate and Diploma courses offered by TEFL International, a world leader in initial TESOL training. Content provided by David Hopkins, Brian Tomlinson and others. Even with the quality the curriculum at Siam Technology College, we can offer a price that are minimal compared to the cost of a US, UK, or any other Western University. Even better yet, we offer the program at a schedule that works around the busy schedules of people living and working in foreign countries. Here at Siam Technology College, you can complete your degree and end completely debt free with three years of actual teaching experience.

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ED Visa Provided

Anyone coming in from a foreign country usually has two questions. First, “how do I get there?” And second, ‘How do I get into the country?”

Job Referral Service

The world over time has adapted to make English not just a western language, but a global language. Not just in casual conversations, but in business and educational fields as well. For those in the world that are not up to date with their English abilities, there are teachers that are able and willing to teach them English for the betterment of their life.